How To Become A Successful Copywriter (Guaranteed)

We’ve all heard the rags to riches stories of how sports teams went from nowhere to champions via some Svengali like coach.

Some of these happen because the coach motivated the whole team to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Some happen because one player motivated the whole team by being the best.

But the most consistent happens through a change to a system or process.

And of those changes, the best is the 1% method.

James Clear expressed it perfectly in his book, Atomic Habits – how the British cycling team went from nowhere to 5 times Tour de France winners and 66 gold medals in a decade.

It’s the methodology that matters (not the goal), so apply this to your daily copywriting career and you will make a success of it (guaranteed because of the crucial change in thinking from goal oriented to process oriented).

From now on, look at everything you do that makes a positive difference to your business and increase or improve it by 1% every month. The compounding effect of this over the coming years will amaze you.


1%, process

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