How To Create The Future Part 1 [Copywriting Guides]

We’re going on a journey starting today with: “How To Use The Future To Create A New Future”. Want one? Read on…

No one knows the future, yet we feel certain the sun will rise tomorrow (not least because somewhere in the world, at any given moment, the sun is rising).

But it’s not the future, it’s just the probability of the future (based on past events). In other words, everything about our future is predictable to some degree.

Does that mean it’s written? No, it’s just a probability. And by that I mean EVERYTHING is a probability. We don’t know what will happen, we just know something might.

That is the state of the world (and always has been). Any plans we make today are based around our own versions of probability (which in turn, are shaped by what our 5 senses pick up – most of which are now picked up via social and other media).

Armed with that, it doesn’t take much of a leap to realise we are fodder for other people’s whims (which is not the way to live the life we want).

But even with this knowledge, we are not free from it. We carry on following the advice of others because it’s a lot easier than figuring out the future for ourselves.

So today, I have this question for you. What is it you want from life? Write it down, and on Wednesday, we’ll take a proper leap and start doing it.

PS. If you believe the future is written, then you have a head start. Read on…

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