How To Create The Future Part 2 [Copywriting Guides]

If you missed the first part of this mini series “The Future Part 1”, read that first and come back with your answer before continuing. Here’s the link:

Whatever you wrote becomes the start of your journey into the future (and is also now written down indelibly as your past). In the future, you’ll be able to look back and say “that is when I made my start”.

Or, more likely, you’ll say “that is when I could have made my start, but things got in the way”.

The reason we fail is because our desire is not strong enough to overcome our current way of life. We never develop it into a passion (go here to read more about that:

But there’s a difference between desire and passion, and it’s the same difference as that between needs and wants.

A passion is a want, a desire can be both, so what is it you’re after? Do you need it, want it, or both? Because unless you actually need it, you’ll be sorely disappointed when you get it.

How do we know? People at the top of every walk of life can be just as miserable as those at the bottom (and vice versa).

Yes, rich people can buy a new car, house, yacht, or partner whenever they want. Yes they can travel to any part of the world and stay in the fanciest and most remote 5 star hotels, and yes, they are unlikely to ever go hungry, but those are not the things that make us happy for the long term.

So here’s another question. What makes you unhappy? What is it you don’t want? Write that down and come back Friday for part 3.

PS. If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with copywriting, don’t miss parts 3 and 4



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