How To Get Unstuck Part 2 [Copywriting Guides]

In Monday’s post, I introduced this week’s mini series as “Part 1 of First Principles”. I then reframed it as “How To Get Unstuck” because ‘how to get unstuck’ is a problem many people recognise whereas “First Principles” without context has no meaning (there’s no promise or hope).

It’s also an example of using First Principles as the means to find a solution to any problem. As mentioned in the previous part, the first step of finding a solution to being stuck was asking the most direct question we can, which is: “what is stuck?”.

If we use the same framework to define “First Principles”, the question becomes: “what is First Principles?” – and the answer to that question is: “a framework to get to the truth” (there are other definitions, but for me, this gets to the heart of it – with the caveat that ‘truth’ is always in the eye of the beholder).

From Monday we know that when we reframe ‘stuck’ as being a problem, we become unstuck by realising that every problem has a solution, so now we can focus on finding a solution (and not focus on being stuck anymore).

Doing so will almost certainly create more problems, but none of them will have us stuck anymore because we know that everything can be reframed. And the way we do that is by defining a premise.

Every premise we define comes from using first principles, therefore think of a premise as the tool we use to reframe our world. In other words, everything we ever do, when framed as a premise, becomes our solution (a solution brings hope, and nothing motivates us more than hope – but see the PS).

This is all rather metaphysical, so in part 3 we’ll move on to the practical side (and start fulfilling the promise set in part 1). Don’t forget to subscribe to the Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter so you never miss out:

PS. When I say nothing motivates us more than hope, you might argue that fear does, and whilst it’s true that a gun to the head (or even something as simple as scarcity) can motivate us into taking action, that’s not the kind of motivation I’m talking about. The best type of motivation is sustainable motivation.


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