How To Get Unstuck Part 4 [Copywriting Guides]

This is part 4 of my mini series on How To Get Unstuck. You don’t just “get unstuck”, it’s far more than that as you’ll know if you’ve been reading along. But it’s all been rather metaphysical so far, so here’s a practical example.

In The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio proves why he is king of sales by selling a pen. It’s called the pen test. It doesn’t mean very much, but it sure is fun.

All I have to do to sell someone a pen is amplify the value of the pen to such a degree as to make any future without it seem pointless.

To do that, we start as always with our First Principles first step: “what is a pen?”. If I can’t write at least 10 statements about a pen, I will never be a salesperson. That’s a premise (the premise is “know your product or you’ll never sell it”).

From there I can ask the next question “why is a pen useful?” and from that “how do I know?” (read the Science of Copywriting Rule Book – First Steps – the Philosophy section – if you’re not clear on why I might ask questions like these).

The “how do I know?” question is crucial. It’s the second pillar of philosophy – Epistemology (aka, the study of knowledge). For example, how do you KNOW you’re stuck anyway?

It is ONLY by using fundamental questions like these that we can get anything useful done at all.

But far more important than that is they reveal the real problems we are facing (AND, by implication, the real problems our clients are facing too. Which is this: if we can’t sell a pen to our prospects, then we have no chance of selling our services either).

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