How To Overcome Procrastination For Copywriters

Steven Pressfield called it the Evil Resistance. It’s the thing that holds us back from living the life we want to live. Ryan Holiday called it “The Obstacle Is The Way”.

To overcome it, Marcus Aurelius asked this question “What is there in this that is unbearable and beyond endurance?”

He knew that any obstacle, when removed from its surrounding baggage, was almost always doable.

That ‘surrounding baggage’ is of course ourselves. We are the obstacle. We are the ones getting in our way – and it has never been any different.

It’s also called ‘self-sabotage’.

The first rule of getting past ANY obstacle is to recognise it as such. To see it for what it is. Once you’ve recognised it, you can give it a label. That turns it into a thing – and things can be changed.

There is only one way to recognise it though, and that is to listen to your feelings. They give the game away immediately.

If you’re feeling angry, it’s self-sabotage (which is resistance).

If you’re feeling any sense of injustice, it’s self-sabotage (which is resistance).

If you find yourself blaming other people, it’s self-sabotage (which is resistance).

If you find yourself moaning about anything, it’s self-sabotage (which is resistance).

To overcome the evil resistance is the toughest lesson I know of in life. I fail at it over and over, but every time I fail, I take another step closer to my goal.

Listen to that inner voice, accept and acknowledge it, and then let it know everything is OK. That you’re still alive and kicking. And that whatever you really want in life will happen because resistance is futile.



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