How To Think About Things Until You Figure Them Out Part 2 [Copywriting results]

Here’s the definition of thinking: “the process of considering or reasoning about something”. Do other animals think, or is it just humans?

Harvard University Professor Marc Hauser is adamant every animal thinks. In fact he has solid evidence, and when you think about it, it’s obvious anyway. We’re all animals, and every animal evolves according to its needs. Thinking is how we make decisions, so it makes sense that without decisions, few animals would survive (am I overthinking this?).

Many of us believe our pets have superior thinking (and other intuitive) abilities. If you have a pet, try this Hauser inspired test: Place a mirror in front of your pet’s feeding bowl. Every time you feed your pet, pat its head (the idea is that the pet sees itself and its head because you are drawing attention to it).

After a few days of this, next time you pat its head, place some material (e.g., chalk dust) in your hand when you pat its head so it leaves a clear mark.

If your pet spots the mark and tries to remove it, congratulations, you just proved your pet is self-aware (a sign of intelligence).

So what has any of this got to do with copywriting? It’s called a lede. The first part of the body copy of any piece of sales material is there to draw in the reader. To increase theirĀ  interest to read more.

The lede in this post was written to do the same thing. Did it succeed? Let me know in the comments – oh, and let me know what your pet thinks too.

PS. Continue with Part 3 here.



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