How Using Beliefs As A Source Can Convince Anyone To Buy Anything

Ever wonder how some people come up with a conveyor belt of original stuff? Everything they write seems to be gold. The sort of stuff that makes us go “AH” or “so true”.

They learn to do it. That’s the good news. If you’ve been struggling to write original pieces, just know you’ve got it in you to do it.

And if you don’t believe that, the reason you don’t believe it is because you don’t believe it. That’s all anything to do with progress has ever been about. Belief.

To do anything amazing therefore requires belief in your ability to do it.

Now look what I’ve just done. I’ve made a suggestion, then qualified it with evidence. The problem is, there is no evidence. It’s just an opinion “get belief and you can change the world”.

Does that change what you think about belief? It depends on what you believe. If you’re convinced belief is the most potent weapon on the planet, nothing will stop you believing it, and what I’ve said will support that.

If you’re doubtful in any way, you’ll also agree with what I’ve said.

Everything we do is about our belief in belief. Our attitudes, our decisions, our lives.

So when it comes to copy, belief is right up there at the top of the list of things you need to think about.

And the good news (because there is no bad news unless you make it so): good copy works because it changes beliefs. That’s how it goes viral. It captures people on both sides of the fence and converts them to one side.

If you’re going to convince anyone to do anything, always start with their beliefs. The low hanging fruit are the people who already believe. Start with those when you’re thinking about your audience.



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