The Five Steps To Becoming A Professional Copywriter (or writer of any type)

How does something new happen? Belief. It’s always been that way. First you sense something, usually by seeing, hearing or feeling. Then your imagination kicks in and you start to experience whatever it is internally. Then your belief system gets to work on it.

If you’re fundamentally an optimist, you’ll come up with a million reasons why you should do this thing. If the desire is already present (maybe from some previous unresolved encounter with it), then you’ll come up with a million reasons why you should do it now. That’s step 1.

Step 2 is turning that belief into action. From that action comes knowledge – the proof you can do it. Your belief has now become concrete. Your eyes confirm you are real every time you wake up. Your actions as a writer, writing every day, confirm that you are a writer. And the more times it happens, the stronger the belief. Never leave the desire to be a writer unresolved. You must write every day. It doesn’t matter what you write. Just write.

Step 3 is to let people know you’re a writer. You do that by writing. Every day. It doesn’t matter how long it takes because there is NO end to being a writer. Every day is another day to exercise your imagination and ingenuity. Publish everywhere.

Step 4 is to get paid to write no matter how long it takes (people will get attracted to you one way or another – as long as you’re putting stuff out).

And step 5 is to quit your job and become 100% independent. Write these steps down somewhere so you’ll always remember them.

PS. Use these steps to understand how someone goes from non-buyer to buyer. Think how you can write copy that takes people through the same emotional journey as you.


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