The Purpose Of A Copywriter – Fulfilling Our Clients’ Dreams

What’s your purpose? Become a millionaire? Become the leader of an empire? Become president of the United Nations?

Perhaps it’s to gain freedom from a 9 to 5 job, get healthy, or simply reduce stress in your life?

Maybe it’s to reduce world poverty, fix climate change, or champion justice for all?

Whatever it is, when you learn to put the right words together, you can do it. That’s how every world leader came to power. It’s how every individual got their freedom back. And it’s how we (collectively) can make this world of ours a better place.

When you’re talking with a new prospect, if that conversation is about you, you have a problem. The client is not interested in you (not yet). They want to know about what you can do for them – they’re the one with the problem.

They want to know if you can fix it. They want you to show them the way. They want you to take the future off their hands so they can get on with TODAY.

And the ONLY way you’re going to get through to them is with words. Persuasive, powerful, life-enriching words.

It starts by writing every day. I am living proof of this – that’s how I know. I left school on my 16th birthday with two certificates and 9 fails (mostly failing to turn up).

I hated school. They refused to tell me why I was there. It was their way or the highway (apologies). I chose the highway. If you’re new to this, you can too. Just write. And write and write and write. Start today, or make a definite date in the diary to do so. January 1st is as good as any. Here’s to you and what you can do.

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