What Makes A Professional Copywriter Successful?

There’s a whole bunch of things we know. For example: we know about needs and wants, we know about benefits and features, and we know about price and value.

Yet we obviously don’t, because if we did, we’d all be wildly successful in whatever we were doing.

Needs and wants, benefits and features, and price and value are fundamentals of copywriting. When we know what those things are and how they impact our intended market for whatever we’re trying to sell, we WILL sell (or we’ll be 99% certain of why we can’t sell).

And the reason for that is that every one of those things is tied up and permanently locked in to our prospects’ hearts and minds.

But there’s a problem. People don’t always know what they want (and they’re certainly not happy about agreeing to what they need).

As for features and benefits, one person’s feature can be another person’s benefit (this is down to where they fit on the awareness scale).

Target the wrong person (even if they need the thing you’re selling) and you’ll miss. Target the right person for the thing you’re selling and you’ll also miss if you push a feature they don’t need.

And as for price and value, the price is irrelevant if the want you’re addressing and the benefits you’re selling are worthless to the prospect you’re targeting.

What does all that mean? The usual. Know your audience – and that’s something else most of us ‘understand’ but rarely act on. It’s another wake up call to get focused on your customers.

PS. This was inspired by a financial copywriter I know on LinkedIn. She is one of those rare people focused 100% on a tiny niche in her market. She has impeccable credentials that every person in that niche recognises and wants. She uses Google Ads to attract new clients. The cost per click is high, but that’s irrelevant because she knows the value of her work to her clients (and she also knows they can afford – and want – to pay for the services she offers, because there’s no one else as ATTRACTIVE – and I mean attractive from a value perspective).


needs, wants

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