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Science of Copywriting Issue 13

A couple of thousand years ago a new language was born. It changed the world back then, and has been doing so ever since.

It’s the language of politicians, publicists, and persuaders. It influences everyone who comes into contact with it.

It has started and ended wars. It has divided countries and brought them back together. It’s created and destroyed relationships.

We’re talking about Rhetoric of course, and if you take a look at my last piece of the week “Toad” you’ll see use of it there too.

There are 3 branches of rhetoric: Deliberative, Judicial, and Epideictic.

The first, Deliberative, means to persuade or dissuade. Ask the average copywriter what they do, and they’ll tell you it’s to persuade or encourage people to take action through the use of words.

You won’t hear much said about dissuasion though. And that’s because it’s not particularly well understood as rhetoric (yet, as you can see, it’s at its heart).

One way to use dissuasion is to use “consequences” – the art of “what will happen when you’re dad gets home”. Another way is to tell people “Who this is not for…”.

Hopefully, the above will help explain a little more about the Science of Copywriting. Do things a certain way, and certain things can be made to happen. Rhetoric is one of those ways.

Last Week

I had no end of fun writing last week’s material. “Luck” and “Great” were popular, and I think over time, “Great” will win it. I hope so, as it’s perhaps the most important message of all.







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