Science of Copywriting Newsletter Issue 10

Welcome to our 10th issue of the Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter.

If you’ve only just joined and would like to see the archives, let me know. Just hit reply and say something like ‘Archive please’. If I get any responses I’ll get it done by next week.

​If you’ve been struggling with self-discipline (you know – getting stuff done) I might just have the answer. It’s called Ultraworking.

I​​t’s both an online portal and a self-service way of splitting tasks into short ‘cycles’ with breaks and, well, getting it done.

I came across it by accident and it’s changed the way I do certain things. Better than that though, the change has been the quickest in my life – and it needed to be:

I recently signed a writing contract. 115,200 words in 4 months. That’s around a 1,000 words a day, every day, including interviews, transcripts, research and editing. It’s like writing a major book in 4 months whilst running a full time business (get out the violins).

​I knew the only way to get it done would be to get disciplined – and ultraworking came along at exactly the right time. Here’s the link to the video that got me started:

I’ve been going just over a week and have 8,000 words done. Right on target.

You can do this unguided for free, or pay them to join an online group all working together at the same time (that’s where you’ll find me).

​​Sign up to their newsletter and you’ll get an invite to join a taster class.

Last Week

We looked at playing the game of life in Oceans. I talked about good and bad surveys (ie. get rich quick schemes masquerading as ways to help people), how to write great paragraphs, another way of figuring out an avatar, and some interesting ideas on selling through awareness levels. Here are the links:







With my love,

Quentin Pain

Science of CopywritingPS. That last one Connections is an eye opener in my opinion.



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