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There’s some useful stuff for people starting out in the copywriting business this week including “No Surprises” and “What Is It?” Links below. But before you do that…

Ever struggled to get something done? You know, procrastination? The one thing that stops ALMOST everyone from getting ahead? – even when you’ve got a strong desire and reason to do it?

I know I did.  In issue 10 of this newsletter, there was a link to something called Ultraworking. They’re doing another open session on the 7th December 2019. That means you can join in for a session and see how it works at no cost.

You can get the template used in the sessions by subscribing to their updates (link below), and hopefully they’ll also send you the link to the open session (you can make a copy of the template so you can do the ‘Ultraworking thing’ anytime you want – but I highly recommend the open session to see how it works, I love it):

However, none of this will work unless you first decide you want to stop procrastination for good (and just saying that IS good enough – bet you never heard that before).

There are a bazillion reasons we procrastinate, but the most common is our perception that it’s all just too hard, so we choose to do something else instead.

The answer to cope with anything that’s hard to do is to break it down into little steps (which we all know, but which still fails). It is the RIGHT answer though, but breaking it down is ALSO hard – and so we go straight back to procrastinating again.

But there is one way that stops procrastination for (almost) everyone, something I’m sure you’re well aware of. Deadlines. Trouble is, they only work if they’re real. There HAS to be a major penalty for missing them or they fail too.

We could create our own penalty (eg. “when I’m old, I know I will regret not doing this one thing, and I also know I will never get a chance to do it again, ever.”). But do we believe that? Nope.

And yet despite all of it, I got over my procrastination. You can see the results from my work output. Everyday I write in Science of Copywriting (yesterday’s was post number 939 – not a single day missed). This is newsletter number 12 (not a lot, but it takes effort to write this and I have to get it done every week on a Saturday).

I’m also doing a big writing project for a client. 115,200 words in 4 months (I’ve written the first 18,000 over the last 4 weeks, and that included 22 telephone interviews as part of the project to get source material). And then there’s my normal everyday stuff.

Despite all that I get plenty of time to do other things (mostly geeky stuff with technology, plus I’m doing a bit of guitar practice every day).

How would your life change if you had a clear path to follow AND were (finally) able to follow it through – all of it? What would that be worth to you? (my son would say “all of it!”).

Here’s how I did it. I read a book on habits. I then studied habits over and over. I built a case for myself that it was only by changing MY EVERYDAY habits that I stood any chance at all of getting the stuff done that I wanted done.

And it worked. And I KNOW you can do this too. In fact anyone can. It’s the one secret of successful people that everyone seems to forget. Ever read Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People? I have, and it completely failed for me. Why? Because the only thing that mattered in that book was the one word in its title: HABITS.

I got waylaid and utterly distracted by everything else except the one fundamental root of change that was staring me in the face: creating a habit, however small, is the one and only step that removes procrastination forever.

Once you have that, then and only then is it repeatable. I hope this hits home. It WILL change your life.

Last Week

If you want a little guidance on what a website home page should do (or any main landing page for that matter), take a look at “What Is It?” from the links below. There’s only 4 steps. Easy peasy.

And if you’re just starting out or thinking about it, then “No Surprises” is for you. 7 things you need to know if you want to be successful (add that to your procrastination buster above and you’ll make it).

Big Idea


No Surprises


What Is It?


With my love,

Quentin Pain

Science of Copywriting



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