Science of Copywriting Newsletter Issue 19

Are you building an audience? You have a choice – you can choose to grow your authority in your chosen field of expertise – or you can not bother.

I spent most of my life running businesses without bothering. In fact, I did bother, but ONLY because it was demanded of me. I didn’t drive it.

When you have a success on your hands, people are attracted to you and they start asking you to do things for them. If you’re vain (which I certainly was) you’ll find it hard to say no when asked to speak at events or even just meet for a coffee.

And that’s fine till you burn yourself out with nothing to show for your effort (it doesn’t even help to learn to “say NO unless you can say Hell YEAH!”).

The best way I’ve found to build an audience is Facebook Groups.  But before I discovered their value, I’d been blogging for years, and failed to build much of a following. I’d written a fair bit for LinkedIn and failed (until recently – see below), same with Twitter (although I never did take that seriously, so I have a pitiful following there).

LinkedIn is interesting because my articles are now getting noticed. The last one has 177 views and it’s only been up a couple of days.

Incidentally, you have two options for publishing on LinkedIn – a) “Write an article”, or b) “Start a post” – the latter is by far the best – and you can link it to an article on LinkedIn OR your website (I link it to my website, which increases the traffic in more ways than one).

You may be asking “what would my group do?”. The purpose is to position yourself as an authority in your field. Start with that mindset and you’ll know what to write (don’t brag – it’s not for us to force others to like us, it’s our job to BECOME likable by providing information our audience is looking for, trust flows from that).

If you’re not yet sure what market you serve, spend this week working it out and then start a new Facebook group. It will be the best week’s work you’ve ever done.

If you’re thinking “but I don’t want to restrict my market”, you need to change your thinking and make a decision about who you want to serve – it doesn’t have to be a specific industry (although that helps), it can be a type of person with a particular philosophy for example. Whatever it is, choose something and start building your authority in that space.

Last Week

Far and away the most popular post last week was Types (link below). If you’re thinking about writing a book, this one’s for you.

My favourite was Attraction. We all ‘get’ wants and needs, but I don’t think enough attention is paid to what they mean.

The difference between getting a sale or not is down to those two factors and how much time is spent understanding the audience’ mindset (unless desire is at its strongest, we’ll never buy a want – and yet that’s what we usually sell to).







With my love,
Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting

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