Science of Copywriting Newsletter Issue 3

This week I’ve been talking about Rhetoric (something every copywriter needs to know), WEVL (for all of us who undervalue our worth), NLP (and the truth), the Wisdom of Crowds (which crowds to trust so you can focus on a market that actually cares), Image (very much to do with positioning), and finally Value (perhaps the ‘post of the week’) – all links below.

Right now I’m on a 10 day course on anger management. Anyone that knows me, sees me as the most passive person on the planet (or at least in their world).

I rarely get visibly angry (I can only remember a couple of times in the last 50 years). But that’s not the point. It’s the reactions I know I feel inside that I want to take ownership of.

I’ve discovered from my inner work on habits that setting triggers works. If I know I react in a certain way that I wish to change, I set a trigger that goes off the instant I feel that reaction coming on.

The first step is being intentionally aware of my surroundings. Staying as conscious as I can be to what’s happening around and to me. At first, this is a BIG drain on my energy, but over time, the drain lessens.

I’m at the point now where for some reactions the drain is zero. I stay focused. I’m aware. And when a particular situation arises, I’m able to handle it without pain.

This makes me a better person within myself, but also a better person to those around me. By making this change in myself everyone benefits.

This skill has multiple names: emotional intelligence and mindfullness being the two most common. We’re controlling chemical reactions in our bodies, which is the reason it works. Diet plays a part in this (as it does in all health including cancer).

When you start controlling your emotions you become a better negotiator too. If there’s one skill anyone knew to business needs to know it’s that.

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