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Science of Copywriting Newsletter Issue 5

If you missed some of last week’s posts, you’re in for a treat, especially if you’re finding it hard to make your business pay. Start with the post titled  PAST, then read the following day’s post FUTURE (all links below).

The businesses I’ve started over the last 40 years have been up and down. There’s no particular reason why – apart from the effort put into marketing them (ha!).

So what is marketing? There are tens of thousands of books on the subject. If you think about it, it’s as old as philosophy itself (and philosophy tops the charts when it comes to the most written about topic).

Philosophy is the what, why and how of our thinking. Marketing is the what, why and how of making our businesses successful.

And all of it relies on one, single, thing: people and their behaviours.

We the people decide on who we are. We say it in our words and actions: “people like us do things like this” (as Seth Godin put it – this is perhaps the most insightful thing he’s ever written).

If you want to attract “people who do things like this” then you must ensure you’re doing those things yourself. In other words, make certain you’re running a business with a clear vision (not just to you, but to your audience too).

Align everything you do with everything you say and align all of that with your vision and audience.

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PS. If you want to know more about philosophy (and in my opinion everyone should) it’s all in the Science of Copywriting Rule Book – First Steps (part 3).

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