Science of Copywriting Newsletter Issue 6

Writing good copy is hard. It’s what distinguishes copywriters from content writers (and allows us to charge premium rates for our services).

Copywriters must be persuasive or they fail. Content writers do not have to prove anything (let alone justify their cost through delivering a return on investment).

A copywriter must understand their audience perfectly or they fail. A content writer must understand their subject (and even if they don’t they still don’t necessarily fail).

That distinction is huge. Writing on a topic is childs’ play in comparison to writing for an audience. And writing for a specific audience whilst trying to persuade them to buy is a skill most business owners would die for.

But don’t get me wrong. Content writing can be great too provided time is spent on deep research. The trouble is, a) it rarely is, and b) very few companies are willing to pay very much for it.

So given a choice of becoming a copywriter or a content writer, I know where my vote goes. Besides, learning the science of persuasion comes in handy for all walks of life.

Speaking of which, the first article of last week in Science of Copywriting was on rhetoric. Rhetoric is the primary tool of all persuasive writers (not just copywriters). It’s been around as a ‘thing’ for over 2,000 years.

It’s taught as a subject at the most elite schools on the planet (Eton is one of them, which also happens to have spawned the most number of British Prime Ministers).

Rhetoric is not taught in state schools. It’s never been a part of the state curriculum. Governments don’t want the people to know anything about spin. That’s one of the reasons I started Science of Copywriting. To expose the truth about persuasion (as well as help us become better at it).

I’ve written many times that I’m here to help the heroes, but I’m fully aware the villains want to know this stuff too. That cannot be helped and comes with the territory. Villains will be villains no matter what we do, so the more sharing that is done, the better we will all be for it.

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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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