Science of Copywriting Newsletter Issue 9

On Monday I’m posting a short article in Science of Copywriting on the  most important rule of my life – that it’s a game.

Without this fallback position, everything would become too stressful. I call it a mindset, but mindsets are fleeting things – something the experts forget to mention.

We all have different ways of doing things and coping when we don’t do them. For me, it’s a pattern. I do a bit of this, then a bit of that. I lose focus the second something gets too hard.

This is learned though. I wasn’t always like that. I’d often work right through the night. The whole 8 hours, more or less non-stop. I didn’t let snags get in the way, I’d just soldier on.

I didn’t know any better, and I also knew that I’d get an answer eventually (success breeds success).

Then one day I got so stuck I took my dogs out for a walk. On the way home the answer I’d spent hours searching for popped right into my head. Just like that. Eureka! (this rare use of an exclamation mark is to stop it sounding sarcastic – see Outraged below).

It took a few times for this to happen before the real Eureka moment – the realisation that focusing on something else gave my subconscious a chance to do its stuff (and give my conscious a rest).

So I started doing it on purpose. And it worked. Now it’s embedded in my system. I start writing a new post and if I get stuck (this trigger happens automatically now) I stop and walk about. I make a cup of coffee. I do some dishes. I even watch TV. I relax, and whatever it is I was searching for comes to me – always.

Monday’s article is called Oceans. It’s a typical example. I got stuck on the 3rd paragraph, my pattern kicked in, I stopped writing and within 5 minutes I had the answer. Eureka.

Last Week

There was some good stuff posted in Science of Copywriting last week. The most popular piece was Elegance, but my favourite was Showing Up. If you missed any of them, here are the links:




Showing Up



With my love,

Quentin Pain

Science of Copywriting

PS. A PS is a great way to increase readers’ hope levels AND get them to read your message – eg. the mindset thing above, not to mention exclamation marks (see Elegance!!!!).



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