Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 15

As many of you may know, ProCopyClub 2020 is taking on new enrolments ( and one of my tasks was to outline its Features, Advantages, and Benefits (or FAB) for the sales page (which is a work in progress by the way).

Some years ago I was at a marketing retreat in San Diego and the host asked us to come up with one major benefit for whatever we were creating or selling.

Someone said “Reducing the number of clicks”. They got shot down immediately. “Number of clicks is a feature not a benefit, try again”.

“Get things done faster” they responded. “Correct” was the reply. “Now tell us what the advantage is”. “Get things done faster than any other software available today” they said.

That’s a concrete example of FAB. But you don’t need concrete to make a point. Just remember that good things always come in threes when it comes to an FAB.

A great FAB is also your USP. We’re told, every Unique Selling Point starts with a feature your competition doesn’t have. But the fact is, most USPs start with a feature our competition DOES have (or can copy very quickly).

Amazon patented the “1 click buy now button” in 1999 but others quickly copied it (Barnes and Noble being just one famous example – settled by a lawsuit in 2002).

Amazon is still known today as the company with the “1-click” buy now button even though the patent expired in 2017. An FAB or USP is more about getting your message out to the masses first than anything particularly unique.

Take US brewer Anheuser-Busch. Back in the 16th century, their slogan was “The beer of kings”. All you needed was royal patronage, and you were made. They got in first with the slogan and that was that.

Later they changed it to “The king of beers” and made another first.

Whenever you’re stuck for a big idea (eg. for a USP or FAB) just think about what you can use as a strong association and go from there.

The brand Science of Copywriting uses Science as its main association. There are all sorts of other associations we think of from there, including facts, trust, and no-nonsense.

Associating whatever you’re writing about with something different or important is a great pattern to remember when writing copy.

Last Week

Last week was a Delight (see the first link below). I also talked about procrastination, developing an avatar (but not in the way the guru’s tell you), and then there was the Divide (an interesting angle on divide and conquer) plus the ubiquitous LIST – which will help anyone new to copy and wanting to know how to win a client’s trust.


Mr Procrastination:


The Divide:


The List:

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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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