Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 18

Have you heard about UST (Universal Sales Theory)?

I’ve been searching for and developing the idea of a universal sales theory since 2009 after deciding that the only thing that mattered in business was marketing (it took me 30 years in business to figure that out).

Without marketing, nothing happens – nothing at all.

Simply telling your family and friends that you now run a business IS marketing.

Writing a blog post that mentions your business IS marketing.

Answering the phone with your business name IS marketing.

This reveals the ONE thing that connects ALL marketing effort:

Marketing is a PTP thing. PTP = person to person or people to people (or person to people or people to person).

That’s the first thing to get about Marketing (where people go wrong about PTP is they do Me to Me – instead of Me to You – or the more advanced You to Your Friends).

The thing to get about UST is “Problem”. There are no sales without a motivating problem. It might be a problem of Hunger. It might be a problem of Status. It could even be a problem of Boredom.

So, Problems and People are the first two things you need to know about marketing, and in particular, UST. They seem obvious, but I can tell you from many conversations, they are not.

Last Week

I covered UST Rule #1 in the post named Scrupulous (link below). It’s the start of a series on UST. Make sure you catch them all (they’ll be spread out over the coming year).

The Scrupulous post was kicked off with the one before it – Candy. Read that first to get some context.

By far the most popular post was Tpyo Tuesday. If you didn’t take the quiz, here’s the link:


Tpyo Tuesday


New Year



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