Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 20

Which do you prefer: a) the work, or b) getting the work? Answer that and it will determine how you go about setting up your copywriting agency.

I LOVE winning new contracts. The more I do it, the more I get from it (it also builds confidence).

I do these on the phone and sometimes face to face. I spend most of the time digging into my prospects’ lives. It’s easy for me to do as I am fascinated by people. I need to know how they tick.

I want to find out what they like, what they don’t like, and what they’d LOVE to happen next.

And it means I put ALL my focus on them (and not the other way round). For this, I get deep respect (it’s why listening works – very few of us are ever heard, so we love it when we get the chance – provided it’s genuine and not just lip service).

During this process I start to build an image of the prospect as a future client. Eventually I know whether I can help them or not (and just as important, whether I want to help them).

This is not an exact science. The outcome depends on the quality of the questions. They should be open questions (as much as possible).

Closed questions are fine provided they’re not the type that pushes someone into a corner: eg. “So you’re looking for a service like mine?” – “yes” – “And it’s something you have the budget for?” – “…erm, well, yes…” – “So what would it take to sign you up right now?” – “… I’ll have to think about it…” (which means never).

Open questions must be said openly. If there is even a hint of pushiness, it will go badly. This is IMPORTANT to know. And once you do KNOW it, you’ll realise there’s no point pushing at all (leave that to the shysters and con-artists out there – they have their day, but it rarely ends well).

I go deep into how to negotiate in ProCopyClub, so join me there if this is something you want to learn about.

Last Week

The big hit last week was UNICORN (link below) – or “all you ever needed to know about landing pages”. It was a bit controversial for some though.

However, the last post of the week – DIRECT – has already matched the number of views, so it will be the winner by the time you read this.

You’ll find CHERRY useful if you’re in love with exclamation, question, and other marks, and read BELIEF if you’re in need of a little motivation.







With my love,
Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting

PS. This is the start of the Newsletter coming out on a Monday – see last week’s newsletter on why I’m testing this (link to previous newsletters:



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