Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 21

Last week in the Science of Copywriting I talked about getting your first clients.

To get a handle on this, you need to know that ALL businesses exist in one of three states at any one time:

1. They have no clients.

2. They have more clients than they can handle.

3. They have just enough clients to keep them busy, but no idea how long it will last.

The vast majority of micro-businesses fall into category 3. Most of my businesses have – even the most successful.

But ultimately, all businesses end up in category 3 anyway (few businesses survive longer than the founder).

When you think about this, you’ll realise just how rare the holy grail of business is (category 2). In fact it’s so rare as to be practically non existent – and what I mean is, however resilient our businesses are today, tomorrow is another day, and we do not know the future.

This is great to know. It means we MUST always be focusing on two things:

1. Look after existing clients (never get complacent or they will leave – I can vouch for this).

2. Always be looking for new prospects. Make it a process.

If you can turn prospecting into a habit, something you do every day (or once a week or month), you’ll never be short of clients (and if you get too much work, you can always subcontract it out).

We’ll look at creating that workflow next week.

Last Week​

If you want to know how to get your first clients, then start with GIGS (link below). But don’t stop there, read all the others too and you will be ready mind and soul to make this work.







With my love,
Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting



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