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Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 22

I’ve just moved house. It’s been a stressful 48 hours. I have no internet (nor any sign of getting it back in the next few weeks). It should have been switched on moving day but “we’re not quite sure what went wrong, it seems the FTTP portal is not registering your new property, so we’re sending in a manual team to problem-solve it.”

It’s zero degrees right now and the central heating system ran out of oil (“we can’t do anything for you sir, our oil delivery schedule is full.”).

But it’s not all bad news. I managed to find a HERO heating engineer who topped up the tank and got the boiler going (turns out it was leaking) despite being fully booked for the day.

I won’t tell you all the other issues, they’re far too funny (or would have been if I couldn’t stop crying).

Following on from last week’s newsletter, I’m in the process of setting up an international organisation to help copywriters.

If you’ve been following along for very long, you’ll know I’m all about the heroes and villains of our industry, and calling out the practices that give all of us a bad name.

When you do this, you’re doing the best thing you possibly can for your reputation. It’s one of those rare things that works for everyone except villains.

I’m still investigating the legal side of things, but it’s going to happen one way or another, and everyone here will be invited to join.

There will be a cost to this, but it will be minimal and have great benefits – as you’ll see soon.

I’ll go into more detail during the following weeks (when hopefully, I’ll also get the internet back).

Last Week

If you’re even mildly interested in getting clients, then last week’s crop of posts are for you.

Start off with MOTIVATION (all about supermarket trolleys – you’ll love it), then go to Ethics to reassure yourself about commonsense and its value.

Take a look at Splits to discover a new way to think about split-testing (and I mean NEW). And end up on Clients to learn something about the truth (this will also be new to many people).





With my love,

Quentin Pain

Science of Copywriting

PS. It’s been a bit of a short week due to the move, but they tell me everything will be back to BETTER than normal – because FTTP (see above) means Fibre To The Premises, and that means high-speed, 24/7, no limits internet. Fun times ahead.

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