Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 23

The hardest part of any enterprise is starting. We all know that, and we also all know how to do it: Ask questions of people who have done it.

We also all know that asking questions gets on people’s nerves (this knowledge comes from whomever brought us up the first time they got angry at one of our numerous, inquisitive questions).

We were taught in school to put our hands up if we wanted to speak. This taught us to always ASK PERMISSION first. It’s a way to control groups of people (this is how authority works – definition: “the power or right to give orders”).

Eventually, some of us rebel. These are the ones who tend to start businesses.

Rebellion is the only way to become successful if our intention is to start something new. It means reversing most of the things we’ve been taught (and understanding why we were taught them in the first place).

This is the first step to changing our mindset from the norm to something worthwhile. The second step is doing it.

This week’s posts have mostly been about that. Start off with LIMITS (link below). Then read STARTING OUT. Follow that with SWIPES, then finish with INJUSTICE (which will help you with angles).


Starting Out



With my love,

Quentin Pain

Science of Copywriting



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