Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 24

Last week you may remember I mentioned an international association I am setting up.

It’s probably the first of its kind for copywriters, and you’re invited to join.

Initially, this will be by invitation only, so please make sure you watch out for yours, which will arrive next month.

The idea is to give you something that shows your worthiness, value and status right from the outset. This will reduce friction when it comes to bringing on new clients.

The biggest problem for all those starting out as copywriters is trust, so that’s the number one goal of this organisation. We want your clients to say YES with confidence.

Can anyone join? No. You’ll need to prove certain things first, but don’t worry as training will be given if you need it.

Meanwhile, if you’re new to copywriting, you need to know that the number one issue is a mixture of 3 elements (the number two issue is even bigger, but without fixing the 3 elements below, it will also fail):

1. Bad grammar

2. Sloppy writing

3. Lack of clarity

Nobody will pay good money for that, so make it your priority to focus on that aspect until it becomes second nature (and it will if you keep it top of mind).

Because you subscribed to this newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about it, and the first to be invited. Don’t miss this.

Last Week

Making the decision to become a copywriter will always be the best decision you can make provided a) you love writing, and b) you’re willing to do everything it takes to become a copywriter and achieve your dream.

To that end, last week kicked off with a post called LONG TERM (link below). It’s important because long term also covers the 3 issues I mentioned above.

Striving to be the best means long term, and when fully accepted, it takes the stress out of it (you have the rest of your life to achieve it).

After you’ve read that, follow it up with the next two pieces: ASSUMPTION and CONVENTION. They’re both critical in thinking about human behaviour.

And finally there’s the BIG IDEA. To be big, something must truly be big. It’s how David Ogilvy made it, and it’s how you can make it too. Read on.




Big Idea

With my love,

Quentin Pain

Science of Copywriting



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