Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 28

There is HERD IMMUNITY and HERD COMMUNITY. One is theory, the other is real.

The UK government used the theoretical one (herd immunity) as the reason we should carry on in the UK as normal and INCREASE the massive spread of Coronavirus cases (despite WHO rejections).

After a day or so, due to massive negative publicity, the UK Government backed off and started the moves towards self-isolation (which China and South Korea had already proven).

Herd COMMUNITY, on the other hand is very real. Communities are what copywriters crave. Get your foot in the door of a relevant community, and you have the possibility of a good kind of viral.

All of this is about human behaviour, the most underrated aspect of humans there is. Go against the crowd and you self-isolate. Go with the crowd and you become invisible (the crowd IS the crowd).

So if you want attention (of the good kind), there is only one way to go, and that is to lead.

That is also the name given to the first few paragraphs of every piece of copy.

If your lead doesn’t stand out, no one will read your copy.

If your lead goes against common wisdom (the crowd), it may well get read because controversy always attracts attention, but it may not get acted upon (and above all else, action is what we want).


Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking about the International Copywriters Association – the ICA.

The ICA’s vision is a world where copywriting is accepted, respected, and universally understood.

Where people realise that copywriters are the MOST important part of any business.

It’s not individual marketing or sales directors, nor is it the strategy, tactics, or campaigns they dream up. It’s the words that make them work – and the copywriters who come up with the ideas and write the copy.

The ICA has been created to champion our profession and promote its members to all businesses that appreciate what we do (and educate those that don’t).

To do that, we have to set a standard that all members adhere to. That standard starts with ProCopyClub and what it teaches over the course of 52 weeks.

Up till now, it was an expensive club to join (currently $1200). But that changes today.

Join the ICA as an Associate (all members start at the Associate level) and you’ll get full access to ProCopyClub for as long as you remain a member.

The cost for Associate Membership is $5 a month (paid annually), which will never increase if you join during our charter year.

When you’re ready, you can then apply for full membership ($8 a month). If you’re accepted, you’ll be featured on the ICA’s website as a professional copywriter and contributor with direct links to your website and social profiles. You’ll also get access to CPD training to keep you up to date and get to use the ICA letters after your name.

The ICA is run as a non-profit organisation with all profits put towards spreading its message, purpose, and mission to as wide an audience as possible.

If you’d like to find out more and get started today, go here:

Last Week

Action and human behaviour was largely the theme last week.

Interestingly, one piece stood out. It was called ‘All Of It’. It’s the first time any piece has received more love clicks than likes.

The reason is simple. It moved more people. The emotion level within it was higher than usual.

All copy revolves around two human traits, the emotional and the rational. Emotion moves, rational supports. Get the balance right and your copy works.

For me, the post called Behaviour opened the path to clarity though. It’s a rational piece showing how characteristics define character, and how that in turn defines audiences.

But if you’re just stuck on how to price your work, well, start with that and let me know what you think in the comments.




All Of It

With my love,

Quentin Pain

Science of Copywriting

PS. The ICA is open right now, one day earlier than expected. Here’s the link to find out more and how you can get access to ProCopyClub for free along with your membership:



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