Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 29

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Getting started in copywriting – or anything for that matter, is about the future, yet the world mostly focuses on the now – not surprising given the current situation of course.

But the future’s going to happen, so why not prepare for it? That can only happen if we have some certainty about it, and one thing is certain – all businesses that previously had no (or very little) online presence are starting to take it seriously (how else are we all going to work from home).

Businesses that are already online but are only there to keep up with the Jones’s are going to find a LOT more Jones’s to compete with, so will have no choice but to up their online game.

And successful businesses that already operate online are going to get more intense about it as the competition grows.

That’s the best news we can hear. One thing ALL websites have in common is words. And the more competitive a market, the better the words must be.

So with the right marketing, your copywriting business can start to make inroads to the inevitable increase in demand no matter where you live.

When I first thought about setting up the International Copywriters Association, Coronavirus wasn’t even a thing. I just knew we needed an international organisation to promote our industry to the world.

The more we all broadcast that “every word matters” the more demand it will generate.

That is now part of my job. Once I’d made the decision to push ahead with the Science of Copywriting and now the ICA, it has become my single purpose.

We all know that copywriting is THE most important aspect of marketing. The next step is to SHOW the world why, and then prove it. THat’s where all members of the ICA come in. YOU (and everything you do) are that proof.

So 2020 is the ICA’s inaugural year. I have much planned for it, but it starts by focusing on us, the copywriters, first.

It is there to help both beginners and professionals. All members can take advantage of our flagship training, ProCopyClub, which is then followed with our CPD program. More news on that next week.

Last Week

My favourite piece last week was ‘Fairness’ (link below). The idea came whilst driving and moaning about another driver. It reminded me how life drives us (and not the other way round – which is what most of us like to think). I started laughing at myself as soon as the thought struck me.

The most popular piece was Retail. It’s a rare insight into the impossible-to-predict future. And it gives me hope.

But perhaps the most important was Enemies. There will always be villains, but mostly they’re not the real enemy. Perhaps, ultimately, that lies within ourselves.





With my love,

Quentin Pain

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