Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 30

For all those new to the copywriting world, and especially for those new to the Science of Copywriting, this one’s for you.

To get some context, read this piece: COPYCATS:

People have been copying other people’s stuff since “people” was a thing. It’s how we learn. But it’s also how we become villains. It’s easier to copy than to create, the problem is, there’s far less satisfaction in doing so.

And if there’s one thing we all crave (but don’t realise), it’s satisfaction. It fires dopamine and all the other feel-good hormones we love (it’s part of our survival feedback loop).

It takes effort. But the thing is, the more I write, the less effort it takes. Write everyday, and it becomes the simplest thing to do in the world (just like it was after we first learned to write at school, that is, before some of us got bored with it – including me back then).

So that is your NUMBER ONE on-going goal if you’re not already doing it. Great writers don’t just write when someone pays them, they do it regardless.

It’s how they BEcome writers in the first place. But one thing all writers agree on, it MUST become a habit if we’re going to master it.

And that gives us perhaps the most important clue to success – habitualise what you need to master (if you write better in the morning, habitualise getting up early).

Personally, I write better at night. I tried following various gurus’ advice about getting up early, but it didn’t work for me. They mean well, but we’re all different. Do what works best for you – just make a habit out of it.


As you may be aware, I recently launched the International Copywriters Association. It’s been a long time coming, but the world has associations for pretty much everything else except one dedicated to promoting copywriters and the copywriting industry.

To help with that, I’ve just completed a 6 part mini-series for beginners. I’ve got 40 people going through it right now, and the feedback is phenomenal (it’s not just for beginners it seems).

Here’s what Godfrey said after reading part 1: “Every word and sentence is packed with immense value. Looking forward to more of this.”, and yesterday he followed up with this from part 5: “Juicy and value-packed as ever. I look forward to the last bit.”.

You can join the mini-series for free right now as part of my way to introduce you to the ICA and what it can do for you and your career. Sign up here:

Last Week

As I mentioned at the start of this newsletter, COPYCATS will help you overcome some mindset stuff (stuff we all suffer from including the pros). People will copy our stuff, steal it, plagiarise it, and generally be a nuisance. What can we do about it? (HINT: nothing, but that’s not the point).

LONERS had an important message too and was the second most popular piece of the week (the winner being ONE TOPIC ONLY).

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think:


Tool of the Day

One Topic Only


With my love,

Quentin Pain

Science of Copywriting

PS. I created the ICA to do two things: first, become the place to go for businesses to find a pro copywriter, and second, promote copywriting across the world. The ICA Getting Started mini-series is the place to start and will give you a good grounding on how to raise your game:



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