Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 31

Is it possible to pick one topic as your copywriting specialism and never run out of things to say – or prospects to say it to – or clients to make you a fortune? Yes, yes, and YES.

The problem when starting out is always the same, go narrow and believe you’ll never find any clients (not true), or go broad, and believe everyone will be queuing up at your door (also not true).

That pair of beliefs is common to everyone with the WRONG mindset.

There are only two times in my life when I had the RIGHT mindset. The first time was when I started my first business. The second time is now, in my current and last business.

Every time I’ve gone broad in a business, it has cost me a small fortune. It was not until I realised that this universe of ours is ALL we have, and that its abundance is beyond amazing that I understood what an abundance mindset is.

When you’re down and out for the count, nothing seems possible. And yet it’s at that very moment the world opens up for you. And the reason is simple. You decided to let go.

That’s what it takes to make the changes we need to make if we’re to finally get what we want.

To let go of our inner beliefs about what is important (and what is not important) to our salvation.

This is why heroes and villains exist. It’s not an ethical thing, it’s the way things are. You cannot have one without the other.

To adopt the position of a hero (which is the only way to become one) is to tell the world what you stand for (and stand against).

When you do that, the world knows what to expect. And just that, even on its own, is enough to give you an edge.


We now have 152 people going through the ICA Getting Started series, and the feedback is truly humbling.

The Getting Started series consists of 6 emails that build on each other. They’re straight from the heart and explain many things not covered anywhere else.

No matter where you are in your copywriting journey, I believe you’ll find value in them. Even if you’re not interested in joining the ICA (and getting access to ProCopyClub for an incredible 95% discount), you should subscribe (links below).

Whatever you decide, let me know what you think.

Last Week

One piece stood out above all the others. It was entitled: Confidence. It had 25 comments and 47 likes when I last looked. It hit home.

Saturday’s article, Purpose inspired this week’s newsletter. Without understanding and applying purpose, no amount of confidence will help.

Here are the links in case you missed any:





With my love,
Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting

PS. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the International Copywriters Association (see above), go here for the getting started series: or if you’re ready to join, go here:



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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