[Science of Copywriting] Weekly Newsletter Issue 32

If hierarchies didn’t exist, we’d all be selling one to one. I’d sell you something in exchange for something I wanted from you – and it wouldn’t be money (money is part of the hierarchical system and wouldn’t exist without it).

It becomes obvious then that hierarchical systems are one to many systems and a major part of human survival and existence (ie. life depends on it).

Despite this, there are those who do not like it. These are the people who go on to start businesses. They are the entrepreneurs of the world.

But there’s a problem, a very human one, and it’s to do with the one thing that kills all growth. Contradiction.

If we hate hierarchies (for whatever reason including the biggest one of all – injustice) it puts us at a disadvantage. This is because hierarchies are all about leaders and followers (a hierarchy cannot exist without leaders and followers).

But if we don’t like hierarchies, how can we become leaders? That’s the paradox and contradiction.

And luckily the answer is simple. Heroes and villains. What we really dislike are hierarchies run by villains (it’s why the Science of Copywriting groups and the ICA exist – to support the heroes and fight the villains in our industry).

Hierarchies work best when EVERYONE in the group cares about what they do. That means leaders caring about everyone, not just themselves.

If we’re going to lead our industry (or niche) and play the part of the hero in that quest, then we’re going to have to position ourselves as such and ensure that every action we take reflects that position.

This has two consequences. The first is we become loved by those who also see villains as a problem, and second, we become hated by the villains, which means they ignore us (bullies rarely fight back when challenged).

Therefore, recognising that there are two types of hierarchy, and choosing the heroic one is the only way to build a thriving long-term business.

It also just happens to be the easiest thing to do and the best possible platform on which to build a business.

Real businesses fight for justice, which means calling out the villains when we come across them, and hailing the heroes at every opportunity.

That is also the remit of the ICA. If you’ve not joined yet, start here: https://internationalcopywritersassociation.com/

Last Week

As is often the case, this week’s newsletter was inspired from a post from the previous week, and in this case, that post was The 99% Club (link below), but the most popular piece was You’re Fired with 45 likes and 13 comments.

You’re Fired


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