Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 42

As it’s issue 42, let’s look at the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Starting with life, what is it? Any idea? I know I hadn’t a clue until I started thinking about it. Here’s my conclusion.

Life is a human made concept. We needed something to label it because one day, one of us woke up with the revelation that we are ALIVE.

It’s that moment in the mirror that transcends everything. The ability to look at and recognise oneself.

We see our true selves and wonder who it is we’re looking at. It’s the first chance we ever get to become the observer and understand that it’s us who’s doing the observing.

With that in mind, go read last week’s mini course on The Art of Talking – a 4 part series I published in the Science of Copywriting group, links below.

Once we understood we existed, and decided to call it ‘life’, we noticed it everywhere, and from that point onwards, there was no stopping our enthusiasm and interest in it. I guess that was our first awakening.

People say that life is what you make it, which is obviously true since we made it all up in the first place. But how can we make a life for ourselves that becomes the thing we want?

Napoleon Hill told us to “think and grow rich”, but how many times have you thought about being rich, and yet, nothing happened?

Joe Vitale (and others) talk about The Secret and the Law of Attraction, then eventually admit that without ACTION nothing actually happens (all revealed in “The Missing Chapter”).

Smoke and Mirrors are powerful things wielded by magicians to trick us into believing in magic, meanwhile life goes on, and those who have plans for life and who implement those plans discover something the rest of us can only dream about – SOMETHING HAPPENS.

No one knows for sure what will happen, but that’s normal (no one can predict the future), and so our world expands and we come to The Universe.

As soon as you realise The Universe is a chicken and egg thing, it becomes clear it’s a wild goose chase. What came first God, Human, Bacteria?

It doesn’t matter. There can be no first with the universe. It’s just here – or rather, the label ‘universe’ is just here because, like life, we needed a label for it in order to make sense of it.

Which leads us to “Everything”. The third and final piece of the puzzle.

It’s all here too. We’re lucky enough to have everything on our doorstep. No matter where you are in life or circumstance, you have it within you to get everything you need, for if you didn’t, you would not be here at all (nor have any notion of it).

That is life, and this is a wake up call to make something happen by deciding what you need and then doing everything in your power to get it.

Just remember one thing, if you have to step over other people to get it, it will end in disaster (ask any dictator).

To get going, start with a plan. More on that as the new week progresses – watch out for my posts in the Science of Copywriting Facebook group this week.

Last Week

I focused on one topic last week – The Art of Talking. If you’ve ever wondered why some people are able to sell practically anything, and others aren’t, you’ll find the answer in this 4 part mini series starting with “Iceberg”. Here are the links.


What Lies Beneath

The Deep

Big Ocean

With my love,
Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting

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