Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 43

Thank you for all the amazing feedback last week. It was pretty unanimous. You found me through Facebook either by a recommendation or from a search.

I suppose it was obvious in hindsight, but isn’t that always the case? Most businesses take it for granted and never ask their customers how they were found (and those that do, mostly only pay lip service to it).

What I mean is, our internal biases (whatever we’ve pre-decided to be true about something) gets in the way of establishing the truth.

Overcoming our pre-judgemental notions is crucial to getting results. If a prospect tells you all their work comes through word-of-mouth and they “don’t need any copywriting services, thank you very much” it’s a good sign that’s exactly what they need.

In my experience, businesses like that go out of business at the first sign of cultural change. One day everything’s fine, the next day, it starts going downhill.

They are almost all family owned businesses. The founder started with such enthusiasm and drive, it was inevitable the business would take off and work.

But times change, and when the founder refuses to see it, business declines (even when younger members of the family come on board).

That’s part of the series of objections you’ll need to overcome if you want to break into your local market.

And it tells you something about the kind of research you’ll need to do if you want to make headway with new clients:

How long has the business been established? Who founded it? Why was it founded? What has changed since then in that industry or the way the business is being run compared to their competitors?

Know this stuff before you get into talks with them (otherwise the chances of rejection will be extremely high). You need them to know you CARE (because Customers Are Really Expensive [to bring on board]).

This is all about proper planning, which is what I covered last week. If you haven’t read through the 4 part series, you’ll find it more than worthwhile. Links below.

Last Week

Nothing much good happens without a plan. But every plan usually goes wrong on first contact. That tells us we need to adapt as we go along, but regardless, you still need to have some idea of the big picture. That’s what the 4 part mini-series last week is about.





With my love,
Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting

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