Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter Issue 45

This week we looked at The Problem Framework. The world is full of problems. Our job as copywriters is to frame every problem as not only fixable, but fixable Easily, Affordably, and Timely (EAT).

If you haven’t read the complete series, do yourself a favour and do it now before you continue reading this week’s newsletter. Start with Part 1 here:

In the final part of the above series, I mentioned the perfect client. That client is already doing well. They know their market inside out. They know what that market’s problems are, they know how to fix it, and they know how to find those most at need in that market.

If you were in that position, you’d be grinning like a cheshire cat. Everything would be rosy, and you’d only be reading this newsletter because you had nothing better to do.

But assuming you’re not, then we have a problem. We want a business like that, and we know the best way of creating one is to get clients like that (as explained in part 4 of The Problem Framework).

The problem for us is obvious. If they’re doing so well, why on Earth would they consider hiring someone like us? I mean, surely they must already have a competent copywriter?

They’ve certainly got a competent marketing person or department in place, and they know how to run a business profitably. So why would they want to change anything?

To answer that, you need to go deep into The Problem Framework for them. What is it they’re after? (I can tell you from experience they may look rosy on the outside, but inside, they’re still after something).

When I got funding for one of my previous businesses, the investor already had (or at least what looked like) a perfect life. They had a couple of mansions, fast cars, multiple businesses, millions in the bank, and a happy family.

So what more could they possibly want? In a word. To WIN. I know because it was one of the last questions I asked (“you have everything anyone could possibly want, why do you still do this?” – his reply: “To win.”).

If you too want to win, then you’re going to need to start looking for winners. Winners of your choice of niche or industry. Find the players, and then find out why they’re doing it. What’s their ambition, their goal, and their mission.

Once you have those, you can start to put together a campaign to win them over. It will take time. Anything worthwhile does. But what else are you going to do with the time you have (assuming what you want is to find great clients?).

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Last Week

I’ve created a few mini-series over the last few months, but none are more important than The Problem Framework I covered last week.

You can read them all in the Science of Copywriting Facebook Group, or go direct to the Science of Copywriting site here:


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With my love,
Quentin Pain
Science of Copywriting

PS. The biggest problem any beginner copywriter has is getting clients. But the reality is, that’s the biggest problem EVERY business has. What many don’t realise is that it’s the words used by copywriters that makes businesses successful. We ARE the answer to their biggest problem.

This is the message you need to get across confidently to your prospects. And that’s what ProCopyClub will help you do. Find out more here:



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Fancy getting your copywriting offer at the top of probably the best copywriting jobs group on Facebook?
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