Catalysing Statements Grow Businesses

One way you can help your business is to create what Mutual Capital VC CEO Rick Sapio calls a ‘Catalysing Statement’.

It’s more than a sound bite. It’s the reason a business exists. It’s a single statement that gets everyone excited.

It pulls all the stakeholders together into a single mission. It talks to customers in such a powerful way, they will never buy another brand. “Because You’re Worth It”.

“A computer on every desktop” said Bill Gates when he announced his mission for Microsoft (and IBM told him he was wasting his time).

“I had a dream…” and millions wanted it too.

It’s all about a vision. It’s why the USA landed a man on the moon in less than 8 years using materials that hadn’t yet been invented.

It’s how you can start thinking about your vision. For me, it’s being number one in your customers’ eyes. “No one remembers who came second”.

Being number one for me, means caring more about your customers than any of your competitors. Do this and they will remain loyal.

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