How to become a leader in the copywriting industry. Part 1

Every group of people that ever formed in the history of the world chose someone to lead them.

And that includes all community groups (even so-called communists). Humans demand leaders (this is also true of most mobile species).

Sure there are a few exceptions, hermits and recluses, but, well they’re not exactly a group so don’t require a leader.

The reason we desire leadership is simple. It reduces our responsibility. We don’t have to think so much. It’s efficient. If the leader says do this, we do it (or we find another leader).

Some leaders are chosen by the crowd, some create a crowd. Some are recognised as leaders, some go unrecognised (and yet still lead).

The most powerful leaders get everything they want. They understand it’s the crowd that does the work. Their existence is little more than a meme (to all but their inner circle). And they become untouchable.

We’re all looking for leaders. It’s not just for responsibility sharing. It’s a shortcut to a simpler life.

So when it comes to business, and in particular, marketing, and even more in particular, copywriting, it makes sense to position ourselves as leaders in our industry.

So that’s where we’re going with this new series on copywriting and leadership. Continue to part 2 below.


leadership, positioning

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