How to become a leader in the copywriting industry. Part 3

Obviously you’re unlikely to find a million dollar prospect when you’re starting out, but I’m not talking about that right now.

I’m talking about the 1% of the market that we can AFFORD to go after.

In every group of people there are different categories (think levels or bands). One band may be about money, another may be about status, and yet another may be about integrity (think heroes).

Whatever it is, it’s the 1% we care about, and it’s that 1% at the top end of each level (or band) we’re going after. Why? Because they understand and recognise what we do and they’re willing to pay for it (at top notch prices for their particular level).

For example, aside from multinational retailers, there are an almost unlimited number of small retailers (online and offline) who need our help. And for every 100 of them, you will find (at least) 1 of these 1 percenters who will become the catalyst we need to start building a decent business from.

But we’re not limited to retailers. Every niche and industry includes a whole number of these different bands of people.

Our job is to select the niche or industry we want to work in, then do everything we can to identify the top players in each of the bands we’ve talked about and start to figure out what their world looks like.

That’s it for today though. In part 4 we’ll go deeper.

PS. I have sold my services to many 1 percenters in the past. When you find the right ones, they will sometimes offer you more than you asked (that’s happened to me more than once). It can happen to you too if you follow along.


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