How to become a leader in the copywriting industry. Part 4

To be at the top you need to be thinking about what it means to be a 1 percenter. If you don’t, you’ll never present yourself in a way that attracts the people you need to attract to become the leader you want to be.

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As mentioned in part 1, you’re either selected to be a leader, or you choose to become one. Either way, you need two things in place:

  1. A leadership mindset
  2. Leadership positioning

The good news is that once you have number 1, number 2 happens automatically. If it doesn’t, it’s because you don’t believe it yet. Let’s talk about that.

Belief comes from confidence. If that confidence waivers in any way, so will the belief. This is why we cannot go straight to the top (unless you’re a villain). We must work our way there, and that’s why we separate whatever niche or industry we choose to operate in, into distinct bands. We need to get clear on who our customers are.

If our goal is to become the world’s most highly sought after copywriter, we must first pick out the who. In this example, it’s a question of WHO seeks the best copywriters on the planet.

We’re using first principles to narrow that question down.

You can also find out more about first principles here: 

A person who seeks the best copywriters is someone who values copywriting at its highest level. To be that person, they must have already had plenty of experience and plenty of amazing results.

So ask yourself who would be most likely to be that person?

To answer that, my next question would be WHO would employ such a person? And we’d probably come up with an industry that uses nothing but copywriters. That would be some kind of advertising agency I guess.

But we’re after someone who values them more than anyone else, which tells us our primary client is going to be someone who has a close connection with (or simply is) a top advertising agency.

As you already know if you’ve read the first parts of this series, we’re not yet in a position to attract such a client, so we split the industry into different bands.

At the top we have Ogilvy’s or any of the top 5 agencies. Next we have the mid level agencies, and after that we have our first target market. The one where we’ll find our 1 percenters for the level we feel confident in.

Let that sink in for a bit, and I’ll be back on Friday with part 5.


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