How to become a leader in the copywriting industry. Part 5

We all know about mindset. The thinking behind it has been used to sell a trillion things (TAGR, for example, was first published in 1937 and was sold as something new, yet the concept of thought as matter was put permanently on the map by Einstein in 1905: E= MC2).

It doesn’t take much to realise that everything human made started as a thought, which is why the concept of leadership is just as important to our well-being as the theory of relativity.

You might also start thinking about the fake it till you make it brigade. I can understand why. Who wants to do the work in order to get rich slow? 

Well I do for one. I’d much rather talk with a prospect about what I’ve done for real rather than what I haven’t done at all but pretend I have.

It’s easier on the memory, and a lot easier on the stress. I simply recall a time in the past when something like what my clients want happened to me.

For example, when Wiley and Sons approached me to write a book, I was able to say yes because I had already written a few (anyone can write a book in a year without needing anything other than a spare 30 mins a day).

Having then written a Dummies book, I was able to take on other writing opportunities that I fancied because I now had some previous form.

I was also able to write about it every now and again (like today), which adds another tablespoon of koolaid to my marketing mix (i.e., reputation).

It may be bragging, but it’s also true, and truth is a rare thing (you have no idea how much more your prospects will appreciate you when you’re able to display confidence without fear of being found out).

And that is why we always aim for the top of the band we feel comfortable in (start with part 1 of this series if any of this makes no sense).

At the end of part 4, I talked about bands within agencies. Those at the top command the highest fees and pay the most to their writers.

They are looking for proven top professionals OR willing apprentices they can bring on. They are not looking for anyone else.

Those in the middle tier don’t pay as much, so they’re looking for top professionals willing to take a chance on them (and a dip in their pay). They are happy to take on less proven copywriters because they’re not in a position to dictate.

And those in the lowest tiers have no choice but to write the stuff themselves, pay freelancers, or take on willing semi-professionals at the lowest rate they can afford.

And yet, even with that knowledge, that’s only an example of ONE industry we can approach to get work. There are countless industries and niches as I described earlier, every one of which has different bands, and every one of which values what we do differently.

Your mission is to lead the way for where YOU are in your career. Show up as the leader you KNOW your audience wants (again, read the first parts if you’re new to this).

Before you go on your mission, make sure you understand pricing. I’ve covered that in detail a few times – try this:

And when you’re ready, start contacting people in the band you feel most comfortable working in. That might be at the top or the bottom, but either way, it’s not important (money is money as long as you get enough of it to survive).

Over time you will discover the 1 percenters and your confidence will increase. And when that happens, let me know and we can celebrate your success together.


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