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What You Put Out As A Copywriter IS Your Image – Take Care With It

Everything we put out in the world represents us, what we do, how we sound, what we stand for. I’ve said that often enough, but I know most people fail to act on it.

Being a pro copywriter means actively living out every part of that sentence. If you send out a pitch with spelling mistakes, typos or bad grammar, the recipient may spot it.

If they do, it will directly affect their response. It will also affect their image of you. Your position will be compromised (and probably forever with that prospect).

If they don’t, then it suggests they’re either ignorant, dyslexic or they don’t care. If the latter, then there’s a chance they will not care very much about you either.

It is for that reason that I strive for perfection. If something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing the best. As Derek Sivers is always saying “if you can’t say hell yeah, say no”.

Think carefully about how you present your image to the world and it will repay you with interest.

About the Author Quentin Pain

I've spent my working life starting and running a whole variety of businesses, from my first QPL Express Couriers where I travelled over 100,000 miles every year delivering packages on a motorcycle (along with a whole bunch of colleagues) to which made a major in-road in the UK, to ProofMEDIA my current business that focuses on Copywriting and the International Copywriters Association, which helps copywriters learn more about copywriting and the copywriting industry around the world.

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