Without Research We Know Nothing (so why do most copywriters fail at it?)

Your expectations tell me everything. They tell me what gets you stressed. They tell me what you want. They tell me what you need, but above all, they tell me how to get through to you.

So by now you’ll understand just how valuable expectations are. It’s not the most important thing about you, but if I can get a hint of what you expect under what conditions depending on what’s bothering you right now, then there’s a good chance I can get your attention.

Which is super annoying as I have no idea who you are. You’re one among 7.9 billion people who might just happen to be reading this post (and for which I thank you).

There are some things I do know however. The first is that you’re into writing (if not, you’d have left by now – and anyway, if you hadn’t you certainly will soon because I have nothing for you if you’re not into writing).

The second thing is that you can read English. The third is that you’re wealthy enough to have access to the internet. The fourth is that if you click through to the ScienceOfCopywriting.com website from Facebook (to sign up for my weekly newsletter for example) I’ll know you’ve come from Facebook because Facebook add a tag to every link.

But I still won’t know who you are.

I get around 700 people join the Science of Copywriting group a month. And of those, around 90 sign up for my newsletter, and I get on average 2 unsubscribes a month.

To find out a little more about what you want, I use a simple anonymous survey, and around 2/3rds of subscribers reply.

I feed the words into a word analyser every month to see what the most pressing issues are (they vary a lot). And from there I get an idea of current problems (as I write this, the biggest issue right now is to do with clients, and in particular, getting them).

That may not sound surprising, but a year ago, the biggest issue was how to start.

As you’ll know if you read my last post, I’ll be doing some more David Ogilvy wisdom expansion shortly (it was going to start today, but I figured an introductory piece like this might be more useful about what’s to come).

So in that spirit, watch out for Monday. If there’s one thing Ogilvy was always on the look out for, it was more clients.

Have a great weekend, and if you want to let me know what your biggest problem is at the moment, please do leave a comment below.



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