How To Sell Using Words Alone Part 3 [Copywriting Guides]

In parts 1 and 2 of this series on selling, we learned the obvious – nothing happens without action. I know, I know!

It’s not just selling of course, it’s everything. You cannot just “think and grow rich”, you have to act too – Napoleon Hill didn’t just think and grow rich, he spent years researching and writing that book, then spent tons of money marketing the hell out of it [QED].

[QED definition: “QED is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, a fancy way to show off you just logically proved something” – my advice is to never use ‘fancy ways’ to say stuff in copy]

The reason a copywriter has no clients is because no (or not enough) action is taken. To call oneself a copywriter means that one can write copy, and since the world consists mostly of words (they’re probably in the top 10 of the most abundant things on Earth), there is clearly a huge demand for them.

Our primary job as action takers is to ensure that our clients’ customers take action and buy the stuff we’re writing about, but before that can happen, we need to get our clients to take action too by giving us work in the first place.

What I want to know is what action have you taken recently to get clients, and what was the result of that action? Did it work? Did it fail? Was it frustrating or easy? Anything else you want to say about it? Or even that you took no action at all because you were stuck. Let me know in the comments below.

All those who respond will get a free copy of the PDF version of my last book “Legendary – The Only Way To Guarantee Success In Business Is To Be Number 1 And It All Starts With You”. If you respond, please send an email to letting me know what you said in the comment and I’ll reply with your copy a.s.a.p.



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  • I emailed my customers from previous year, and ask what services they want for this year. It worked well so far.
    I want to see other methods for getting clients, so I will keep an eye on the comments here.

  • Hola Quentin. Es lógico que mientras uno vaya aprendiendo se vaya equivocando y yo creo que voy aprendiendo mucho de mis errores.
    Hace poco me mudé y me descise de muchas cosas que no continuarían conmigo, utilice varias acciones para vender y algunas dieron el resultado que esperaba y otras no funcionaron.

    • Yes, mistakes are how we learn – especially when it comes to selling. Businesses are successful only when they discover a profitable path, and whilst that’s obvious, it’s rarely even considered by most new to business who are inspired by their own deep belief in themselves and/or what they do and not what their customers may or may not actually want (or need).

  • Quentin is the “Real Deal” when it comes to someone dedicated to helping others succeed! The depth of understanding he shares in his content is what has attracted me to follow him and his teachings. It works…and I continue to strive to apply it in my own writing. I highly recommend you follow the Science of Copywriting!!

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