The Ultimate Selling Machine Part 1 [Copywriting Guides]

Suppose there was a way to persuade someone to do something you wanted them to do. And suppose you could learn how to do it in 7 days. And suppose also, you could learn it for next to nothing. Is that something you’d want?

Before you answer HELL YEAH! Think about what you’d use it for. What’s the first thing you’d want to do with your new found knowledge?

There’s a huge divide between what we think we want and what we’d do with it after we get it.

It’s this aspect that drives 99% of internet marketers’ sales (and by this I mean IM style launches etc.).

If I can sell you on the benefits alone, and those benefits involve anything to do with enhancing your wealth, happiness, business, lifestyle, family, or future, you’ll be hooked.

Of course, whatever is being sold would have to overcome all fears (especially the fear of being taken for a fool), so our algorithm of unstoppable sales would have to include that aspect too.

But what about this notion that something we think we want turns out to be something we never use?

I’ve bought and kept 51 lifetime deals from AppSumo since 2016. Of those, I’m only using 5, and of those, only 3 on a more or less day to day basis.

All the rest I’ve abandoned. They’re all still appealing to me – almost as much as they did when I first bought them, but all totally useless in what I’m ACTUALLY doing every day.

In short, I bought them on a whim. The whim was simple “ooh, this seems like exactly what I NEED”. One click later I’m the proud owner of something amazing.

As the 60 day no-quibble refund time passes, I say to myself “although I’m not using this yet, I’m sure it will come in handy later”, and so the sale goes through and the refund door closes.

AppSumo is a money making machine. It’s the ultimate affiliate program since it doesn’t need to create anything, and it doesn’t need to seek approval from the people who do either (instead THEY need approval from AppSumo).

Don’t get me wrong though. AppSumo is wonderful. I love it in so many ways (just one of those 3 tools I’ve bought has saved me a considerable amount of money – and will continue to do so for a long time).

Let’s look at the world’s biggest marketplace, Amazon. They too know the secret. Although they now produce their own goods, they didn’t at the start, and the whole business, like AppSumo was the ultimate affiliate system (and operates just like AppSumo in that vendors and creators have to get permission to give Amazon money rather than the more usual method of the affiliate desperately trying to get permission to sell the creator’s stuff).

If we go one step further, it becomes obvious that every retail shop uses the same model too. Creators, producers, and manufacturers use their business development teams in the pursuit of persuading shops to sell their stuff.

The shops become the gatekeepers, yet it’s everyone else who does the work. And it’s also the same for publishers of books.

When gurus tell us to “stop thinking that you need customers, and instead understand that they need you”, that’s what I’m talking about.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. More on Wednesday.


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