The Ultimate Selling Machine Part 2 [Copywriting Guides]

Every business struggling to find customers is in a battle with itself. As mentioned in Monday’s post, the more we think we need customers, the less our customers think they need us.

So the first part of our Ultimate Selling Machine is mindset (I wish there was a less cliched word).

To do that, we need to overcome our feelings of desperation. If there’s one thing that divides the rich from the poor, the happy from the miserable, and the successful from the failed, it’s confidence in the future.

This is why it’s so hard to beat depression. Once it takes hold, it exerts an iron grip on itself. The more desperate we feel, the more desperate we become.

Every time I’ve been in that situation I’ve turned it round by changing the way I think. And every time I’ve done that, my world has changed for the better.

So step one to a brighter future is to find a way to change our minds, and ideally, do it as fast as possible. Without that, nothing changes.

So what’s the next step? Continue here.

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