The Ultimate Selling Machine Part 4 [Copywriting Guides]

Did you write your list from yesterday’s post? (go here to read the first 3 parts of this mini series if not:

Here’s what you may have written: “Right now I’m reading this post in the Science of Copywriting group. I’m hoping to learn something I didn’t already know about copywriting.”.

You may have written more than one thing, in which case it was the start of a plan – more on that later.

At any given moment in time we can only do ONE thing. Before you object, I realise many people can knit and think, many can drive trains, planes, and automobiles (and think), and we can certainly all breathe and think, but the point is, we can either think or do physical things, and that’s about it at any moment in time.

So we have a choice to do the things we need to do to become the person we want to be or we can choose to do something else, but either way, we can only do one of those things.

So what has this got to do with the Ultimate Selling Machine? Time. If we don’t spend 100% of our time doing the things we need to do to get what we want, then maybe we didn’t want those things as much as we thought.

But does that mean not sleeping or eating or meditating or family time or anything else? No. if ANY of those help you in your quest, then those things are included in your 100% list.

Back to the plan. For a plan to work, you need dates and times.

Get as detailed as you can. Spend as much time as you think is necessary to get as detailed as you can. We want a ‘no surprises’ plan. If you want to sell your services as a copywriter to become the Ultimate Selling Machine, then it must be planned down to every hour of every day.

Scary? Boring as hell? Yes, if you want it to be. Exciting? Your future figured out? No more messing around? YES, Absolutely. This is YOUR plan for your future decided by YOU right NOW.

Is this just another motivational speech? Yes, of course, but so what. It’s the only way you’ll make the changes you need to make to get the things you want.

More in Sunday’s Science of Copywriting Weekly Newsletter.

PS. Bonus task. Try writing a motivational pitch to yourself. I’m sure you can do better than mine because only you know what you want.

PPS. My own plan is scheduled in my Google calendar. Every time I complete a task, I get the privilege of changing its colour from red to green. Each task I complete is a step towards my future. Most of my tasks are on repeat. How about yours?



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